We are a full service, one-stop-shop, fashion wholesale agency and distribution company, operating from our head office – THE FASHION AGENT showroom – in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since our inception in 2012, we supply African fashion brands through our wholesale channels to retailers, online platforms, professional independent boutiques and concept stores on the African continent and abroad.

We offer to our customers, to professional buyers and to designers, a multi-dimensional distribution approach tailored to each retailer and to each brand, ensuring the individual success and growth of both.

We work with progressive stores and brands in partnerships based on integrity and endurance.

Our retail customers range from large corporate key accounts to once-off individual shops.

The designer brands we work with have all their own individual story to tell about the products they make. Strong design identity, excellent workmanship and product quality, sustainability and innovation are key values for all brands we are representing.

Focus is on continuous growth of our database consisting of stores, buyers and media.

Our B2B wholesale multi-brand showroom in Johannesburg is trading all year around, showcasing sample collections of the designer brands we represent:

  • Buyers are welcome to make pre-order appointments.
  • Press, media and stylists are welcome to source product from the sample collections at our showroom for editorials, shoots, campaigns, films and commercials.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.

Managing Member and Founder Annette Pringle-Kölsch is heading up the business. Annette is an ex Hugo Boss global brand manager with more than 29 years of professional experience in the fashion industry. In 2004, she moved from Stuttgart, Germany, to Johannesburg where she lives with her South African husband.

Contact Annette on annette.pringle@thefashionagent.co.za

The Fashion Agent team is completed with Ms. Paledi Rakgalakane sales@thefashionagent.co.za 

For booking your showroom order meeting or for press/sourcing appointments please contact showroom@thefashionagent.co.za or press@thefashionagent.co.za

Main Objectives of The Fashion Agent

  • Facilitate a permanent, professional wholesale showroom, a business platform for (South) African designer brands. Its purpose is to connect the designers with wholesale buyers of department stores, individual boutiques as well as buyers of online retailers.
  • Tell stories about (South) African designers, their values and share knowledge with customers, the end consumers.
  • Generate sales, promoting and handling the wholesale business on behalf of the designers.
  • Develop the local, national fabric industry and fabric agency network by promoting (South) African designers.
  • Expand production facility of (South) African designers without compromising product quality and thus strengthening the (South) African fashion industry.
  • Grow CMT production facilities by creating order volumes which are resulting in job creation in the entire value chain lead into exporting into Africa and establish strong sales in new (overseas) markets.
  • Put a quality control mechanism in place before the stock is delivered to retailers, ensuring that the orders are manufactured correctly and in good quality.